Feng Liu (he/him) -- Assistant Professor at The University of Melbourne

Research Group

Bo, Jiangchao, and I are junior faculties in the machine learning area. Although we are in different cities (Hongkong, Shanghai, and Melbourne), we share the same vision for the AI technology: building trustworthy AI systems for our future. To achieve or get close to this goal/vision, we build up the Trustworthy Machine Learning and Reasoning (TMLR) Group, an online-offline-mixed machine learning research group. [Group Website]

TMLR Group (Melb)

PhD Students
  • Qizhou Wang, PhD @ HKBU (with Dr. Han)

  • Haoang Chi, visiting PhD @ HKBU (with Dr. Han)

  • Guangzhi Ma, PhD @ UTS (with Prof. Lu)

  • Xue Jiang, joint PhD @ HKBU (with Dr. Han, Prof. Zheng)

  • Xiong Peng, visiting Mphil @ HKBU (with Dr. Han)

  • Ruijing Dong, Undergraduate @ PKU --> RA @ HKBU --> PhD @ ? (with Dr. Han)

  • Hongduan Tian, RA @ HKBU (with Dr. Han)

  • Yongfeng Zhong, PhD @ HKBU (with Dr. Han)

  • Wenjie Wang, PhD @ UoM (with Dr. Gong)

  • Yicheng Wang, Visiting PhD @ UoM

Master Students
  • Jinhao Li, Master @ UoM

  • Ze Pang, Master @ UoM

  • Xunye Tian, Master @ UoM

  • Nan He, Master @ UoM

  • Xiaofeng Zhang, Master @ UoM

  • Wenbin Zhou, Master @ UoM (with Dr. Wei)

Alumni (former students closely worked with me):
  • Ruize Gao (with Dr. Han, Prof. Cheng), RA @ HKBU CSD --> PhD @ NUS CSD

  • Chenghong Zhou, PhD @ HKBU

  • Yiyang Zhang, MPhil @ THU --> visting MPhil @ UTS --> Bank of China, Beijing

  • Li Zhong, MPhil @ THU --> visting MPhil @ UTS

Strategic Partners

Friends (overseas) with whom I have worked on long-term projects (names sorted by seniority):
  • Masashi Sugiyama, Professor @ RIKEN AIP and The University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Arthur Gretton, Professor @ University College London (UCL), United Kingdom

  • Mingyuan Zhou, Associate Professor @ The University of Texas at Austin, United States

  • Gang Niu, Research Scientist (indefinite-term) @ RIKEN AIP, Japan

  • Danica J. Sutherland, Assistant Professor @ The University of British Columbia, Canada

  • Bo Han, Assistant Professor @ Hong Kong Baptist University, Hongkong SAR, China